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The Timeless Tulbagh programme

Just in time for the holiday season, Raptor Rise has started rolling out the Timeless Tulbagh programme.  This is a new initiative aimed at promoting brand Tulbagh – which is, of course, very special! Since most of our visitors have limited time to spend with us, we wish to direct them towards quality, authentic experiences – in other words, the very best Tulbagh has to offer.
What this means is that every visitor to Raptor Rise will now receive a fact sheet describing the Top 10 attractions in our Valley of Abundance.  The reverse side details five quintessentially Tulbaghian things to do in the village and a further five things to do in the countryside immediately surrounding – ten in all.  It will depend on your interest field and the time you have available which you choose, your host can help you do so. In addition, all our visitors will receive a voucher entitling them to really worthwhile discounts at several of last mentioned attractions.

We trust this line-up will enhance your experience of #DiscoverTulbagh!

(NB: Timeless Tulbagh’s website will go live in the New Year)

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