Raptor Rise - Tulbagh

Self-catering accommodation

Raptor Rise olives & olive products

Raptor Rise olives and olive products are grown and processed in the beautifully scenic and sun drenched Tulbagh Valley.

While we practise production methods based on organic and biodiversity principles it would be misleading to state that our products are “organic”.  It is our belief that in many instances consumers are mislead by the inaccurate use of the word.
We will spell out our production programme in brief and then let you, the consumer, decide on whether the level of organic production meets your requirements.

Soils : 
To produce a healthy product requires a healthy soil, a scarce commodity in the Western Cape, where many soils have been cultivated and abused for centuries.  To achieve this we are practising 
• Minimum soil disturbance
• Bio-diversity
• Introduction of the animal factor
• Building the organic carbons in the soil, which are presently between .2  & 2, to a level exceeding  5 on the organic carbon scale.  At this level earthworm and soil microbial activity should be at a peak.  A healthy soil leads to healthy crops.

Pest Control :
While the norm for spraying in this area is 7 – 11 sprays per season we have managed to reduce this to 2 – 3 average per season for the past 3 seasons and are endeavouring to reduce this still further.  Where ever possible organic sprays are used.
Our “black” table olives are hand-picked when ripe (ie: they have turned black) and placed in 200 liter vats containing a 10% salt solution (brine).  Air is pumped into the tanks to enhance the pickling process.  After 9 – 10 months the olives are transferred to 20 litre buckets containing herbs, lemon, garlic, or chilli to allow the flavours to infuse into the olives before final packaging takes place.
Olive varieties grown on Raptor Rise include Mission and Manzinilla for table olives and Mission, Corotina, Lechini and Frantoio for oil.
A beef herd and sheep flock utilise the winter grown pastures.
The training and motivation of our small but dedicated and responsible staff of 10 is a priority on the farm and training is ongoing in the fields of management, animal and field husbandry, welding, building, carpentry, tiling, plumbing,  sewing, jam making , hospitality and general housekeeping.
Raptor Rise offers self- catering accommodation in an 8 bed private cottage,   4 converted stable rooms, a two bedroom family unit and 4 guest rooms in the south wing of the main house. Guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of farm life surrounded by spectacular mountain views.

For orders please contact Averil on info@raptorrise.co.za or 0832612863